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You must agree to the membership terms and conditions below

Applicants seeking membership that do not have a member sponsor should check the club calendar for an open shoot or event that they are interested in. Go to several shoots and get to know the members who are there and in time someone will sponsor them after they have seen how they handle themselves at a shoot Hopefully the prospective member is a safe shooter and is someone a member would be comfortable sponsoring.

While membership dinner meetings have been temporarily suspended, so has the requirement that applicants attend at least one membership dinner meeting.

Dues information can be found here

Fill out the online application form and submit your information.

Print out the application confirmation; you will need to submit the signed paper copy.

If you do not have a Sponsor, you can still fill out and print the electronic application. You will need to fill in the Sponsor information before submitting the final application.

Sign the printed application confirmation and make sure the sponsor information is completed.

Send the completed application with your application fee and first year dues to:
Wawarsing Rod & Gun Club
PO Box 305
Napanoch, NY 12458

Your application will be presented to, reviewed by and and voted on by the Board of Directors. If approved, a membership packet will be sent to you

  1. Members are expected to uphold the high standards of sportsmanship of the
    Wawarsing Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for being removed from the Club membership.
  3. Members using the Range must adhere to the Range Rules.
  4. Dues are to be paid in advance - by January 1st of each year.
  5. Any personal information collected is for Club use only.

I agree to the terms and conditions above and
would like to start the application process

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