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Amended Jan. 2019

The following range policy has been approved by the board of directors. Any violators may be dismissed from the membership of the club.

1) ALL members must display their membership cards when using the ranges except for the Trap, Sheet, and target matches. This is to ensure that only current members are using the facilities. Members are encouraged to check any person on the ranges who is not displaying their card and report any violators to the officers or members of the board of directors of the club.

2) The firing line for the 300 yard rifle/pistol range is the edge of the concrete floor on the overhead garage door side of the building. The firing line extends laterally outward from the building on both sides of the building. The firing line for the rimfire/archery range is in line with the down range side of the concrete shooting benches along the edge of the blacktop. All shooters should discharge their firearms from a close proximity to the rear of the firing line. If you desire to change the range to your target, move the target, not your position on the line. When discharging firearms from inside the 300 yard range building, the muzzle of the firearm should be outside the building to reduce the noise.

3) When the range is in use, prior to anyone going down range from the firing line to post or remove targets or for any other reason, all firearms are to be unloaded, with the actions open and the safeties on. Firearms should not be handled while someone is down range.

4) All targets should be placed so that bullets passing through the targets are directed toward the earth berms. After shooting, all targets, backers and any other objects used to support the targets or target frames should be removed from the range. No glass objects are allowed to be used for targets. Targets should be placed so that bullets do not strike the concrete or blacktop pads down range.

5) At the completion of shooting, all trash (used targets, target backers, cartridge boxes, coffee cups, paper bags, soft drink cans, etc.) should be removed from the range and range building and taken home. Fired cartridge cases should be swept from the range building. Any unwanted brass cartridge cases may be left in the cans provided at the ranges for sale by the club. No aluminum or steel cases, or shotshells should be placed in the range cans. The doors and windows on the 300 yard range should be closed prior to leaving the range building unless the range building is being used by other members.

6) Targets are not to be posted on any utility pole, fence post, building or other object on club property. No firearms targets are to be posted on the hay bales at the archery range. If members bring a portable target holder to the range for their own use, they are to remove it from the range when departing the range area.

7) No center fire firearms are to be used on the rimfire/archery range. This is the range with the concrete tower near the club house.

8) No photographs, movies or video recordings may be made of any member on the range without that members permission. No person will take such photos or video recordings by being forward of the firing line under any circumstances.

9) ALL MOTOR VEHICLES traveling down range from the firing line (other than on a work detail) shall:

A . Engage the hazard/ 4 way flashing lights

B . If the motor vehicle will travel past the 100 yard line, signs (provided by the club) warning that someone is down range, will be posted approximately 25 yards forward of the firing line in a manner visible to the entire firing line.

C . All motor vehicles down range will be parked so that they are visible to the firing line and the hazard lights will be in operation.

D . No vehicles will be parked on the range while shooting is taking place. Targets will be placed in the provided target bases and the vehicles will be moved behind the firing line after removing any warning signs.

E . ALL persons and vehicles traveling down range do so at their own risk.

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