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The Wawarsing Rod & Gun Club provides shooting facilities to members at distances up to 300 yards. There are several ranges on the grounds including a rim fire/archery range, skeet and trap ranges and the 300 yard range for center fire rifle and pistol. Shooting hours are from 9:00 am to sunset. Members are expected to be familiar with the club's range rules before using the facilities.

Heads Up: Subject: NYS Senate Bill S8461 Sporting Range Good Neighbor Act
The above referenced proposed bill in the NY Senate that would affect skeet, trap and sporting clay ranges in NY. Give a look (link below). If passed it would require certain property dimensions. If a range can not meet the required dimensions then a protected berm would have to be built to catch the "bullets". This act would also require that lead shot be reclaimed. If passed, this is to be enforced by the NYSDEC.
This bill currently sits in Committee and was sponsored by Pete Harckham (D) of the 40th Senate District in Putnam Co. This is worth keeping an eye on.
NY State Senate Bill 2023-S8461


Quick note on Current Events:
Current events are always in the newsletter and those current events are then posted on the club site ( Moving forward, the web site will be updated with current events as soon as they become known. Things like whether the next meeting is a dinner meeting will be posted as soon as possible.
Check the site now & then …….

The next meeting will be on June 11, 2024. The BOD has volunteered to cook! There will be a Dinner meeting for the June 11th meeting. The dinner starts at 6:30PM and BOD will be cooking a London broil dinner. London broil with corn, potato salad, macaroni salad, and dessert. Join us! Reminder: You must pre-register by sending in a check for $15 call Marianne at 845-626-7968.
All details on dinner registration are here

The 22 caliber long range matches will be on the 300-yard range on Sat. 6/22, Sat. 7/20, Sun. 8/25, Sat. 9/22, and Sat. 10/19. Matches start at 9AM and should be finished about 4 PM. No casual shooting will be on the 300-yard range during the matches. Match fee is $5.00 for club members, $10,00 for non members. If you would like to participate in the 22 caliber long range matches, see the match listings on the club calendar for details or contact Mark Fedrizzi (

The 22 Bench Rest Matches at Wawarsing will be on 6/9, 7/7 and 8/4. Matches start at 9AM. No casual shooting will be held on the rim fire range during the match.

Safety Alert – The Skeet division reports finding fired 00 Buckshot shotshells on the skeet ranges. All members are advised to use bird shot NO LARGER than 71/2 when shooting at aerial targets to reduce the chance of shot falling off the club’s property .

Remember – there is no using Tannerite or other exploding targets on the ranges at the WRGC. Explosions disturb our neighbors, and we try to be good neighbors.

The Future of Dinner Meetings are in your hands! Cooks are needed for our monthly dinner meetings! Please consider volunteering to head a team for one of our upcoming dinner meetings. Our Dinner Committee trainer, Glenn Pomerantz, can help guide you through the effort. Contact Glenn at 845.656.1284 or for more info.

Future Trap Shoots at Wawarsing

Weekly Trap Shoots will be on Thursdays at 5 PM . Fred Trainor is the Trap Chairman and Hank Dawes is his assistant. Call Fred at 845-883-6454 or Hank at 845-564-2270 to see if the shoot will take place.


The skeet division has experienced an overall increase in participation so come out and join us. New shooters always welcome! Instruction and training will be provided to those new to skeet to get them started.
Saturday Skeet shoots are 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. We are up at the skeet range about 12:30. Shooting will start at 1:00 pm. Weekdays are Tuesday and Friday starting at 9:00 am.
Contact Lou Clemmer, chairman, 845-236-4809 (h) 845-505-2222 (cell), Al Carbonaro, co-chairman, 845-807-7750, or Bill Buskey 845-361-2778 to verify the range will be open

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CALL 1-800-672-3888 for info on EASY PAY LIFE MEMBERSHIP.
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Required Insurance Waiver for Guests

Importance Notice – due to an inquiry to our insurance carrier, the carrier has become aware than non-members are shooting firearms at the club.  This is contrary to our insurance policy.  As a result, effective immediately no non-members may discharge firearms on the club property without completing an insurance Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement.  This means that all non-members who wish to shoot at the club on any range (the shotgun ranges, 200 yard range and rim fire/ archery range ) must sign this release prior to shooting.  This will effect all shooting events to include Trap Shoots, Skeet shoots, 22 bench rest matches, ARA matches, hunter training classes (both rifle & bow courses), sight-in day and any non-member guests on the ranges.  A supply of the waivers will be available at the 200 yard range building for guest shooters.  Any member who allows a guest to shoot on the ranges without first completing the waiver may face revocation or suspension of their membership. We regret this inconvenience, but to continue our insurance coverage, we must comply.

For your convenience, you can download the form for Adults or the form for Minors

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